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Hypnosis for Sex Problems, Pleasure & Intimacy (HSPPI) offers you a comprehensive 200 hours of training in sexology and hypnosis for sex problems, pleasure and intimacy PLUS 100 hours of training for National Guild of Hypnotists certification.


Receive comprehensive training in an important and valuable specialty - hypnosis for sex problems and sexual enrichment. Upon completion you will receive your IHTC certificate for 150 hours of training in Hypnosis for Sex Problems.


If you love to help people and have a passion for wellness, you'll discover an extraordinary career as a professional consulting hypnotist or hypnotherapist. Our hypnosis training will qualify you for certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists, one of the largest and most active professional hypnosis organizations in the world.

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So much of information is condensed in such a short period of time and taught with such diligence and skill; it will be very hard to forget every single word that was uttered in this sessions
John J.
It was going to college all over again they provide a really good atmosphere to learn and to understand the concepts of hypnosis in a much better manner.
Smith T.
This is the best training that I have ever received anywhere outside for learning hypnosis. I mean even though I studied in Yael I feel even they have not gotten close to teaching this topic at its best
Michelle P.
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Sport Hypnosis


There are many application of self-hypnosis, and one such form is the use of hypnosis in sports or sports hypnosis.

Sports such as golfing, swimming and even running can be made better through the use of self-hypnosis.


Since there are plenty of other fields that use hypnosis as a tool such as medicine, dentistry as a tool that helps enhance the patient’s performance. But when it comes to improving cognitive skills in sports, hypnosis is used in areas such as nutrition, biomechanics, and psychology.

Sports hypnosis, therefore, focuses on the influence that various variables have on athletes. The practice was started all the way back in the 1920s.

This is done through suggestions that can be given by the participant themselves. It is, therefore, essential that suggestions are provided before, during and after the event so as to maximize performance.

There are both therapeutic as well as functions that enhance an athlete’s performance when it comes to hypnosis in sports. This is supported by how different the minds of athletes are before and after training as this is claimed to influence how the athlete performs.

Hypnosis, in sports, is therefore seen as a method that helps train the mind which can further enhance complex body stresses that one needs to practice and execute. This is the reason why many athletes, psychologists, and coaches recommend the use of sports hypnosis.

Guided imagery, a form of intervention, explores the possibilities of evoking feelings or emotions that are triggered through artificially generated mental images. Although this isn’t a valid form of hypnosis, there are plenty of teams and athletes that use this method to improve their game.

Just like how maintaining the physical body is essential, hypnosis is vital in preparing the mind for situations. By employing methods of hypnosis, the athlete or coach can become more relaxed as they believe this is the key to making the right decisions at the right time.

This, in turn, makes the athletes better tuned to concentrate on their tasks.

Significant problems that plague individuals in the sports industry are stress and anxiety management. This issue can be tackled with the help of hypnosis.

Practitioners can also program responses to stimuli which can further help them perform better and faster.

There are cyclists that got intimidated by the prospect of riding steep mountains and traveling extremely vast distances. But after a couple of hypnotherapy sessions, they were able to perform at levels that were never thought were possible.

Top 5 Benefits of Hypnosis


Deeper Sleep

A number of studies on hypnosis benefits have suggested that the participants who have undergone the therapy have reportedly received much better sleep post the treatment. A research conducted on hypnosis at the University of Zurich introduced the aspect of monitoring of brain activity into this area of study. These tests were carried out on a group of young and healthy women who after listening to a hypnosis recording fell asleep for around 90 minutes.  Participants who were found to be receptive to the treatment spent over eighty percent more time in a state of slow-wave sleep post-treatment than before. This is the deepest stage of sleep that permits the most significant therapeutic potential.

Deeper Sleep

Halts Hot Flashes

Hypnosis is also known to be very useful in halting hot flashes. Hot Flushes are a sudden and intense rush of warmth across the body. This is particularly common amongst women during menopause. In a study at Baylor University’s Mind-Body Medicine Research Lab, participants found that undertaking five hypnosis sessions per week helped drastically reduce the hot flashes they experienced by almost three-quarters on a weekly basis. This has resulted in researchers beginning to suggest self-hypnosis training to women of menopausal age and encourage them to carry out the treatment on an everyday basis.

Reduce Effects of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Medical studies have proven that hypnosis is capable of reducing the effects of irritable bowel syndrome. It was found that listening to a one-hour session of hypnosis has reportedly cured 71 percent of the participants off symptoms of IBS.  However, the effects of the treatment were better than imagined as 81 percent of the participants experienced improvements and reported having decided to continue the treatment to gain complete reduction in the effects of IBS over a period of time.

Alleviate Anxiety

Anxiety is a significant issue in the society we live in today, especially amongst the millennials and hypnosis has a cure for this as well. This is a reflection of the incredible power of hypnotherapy over the mind. Although the science of hypnosis is still a work in progress, it is a possibility that hypnosis can further be utilized in calming nerves and alleviating anxiety.

Reduce Pain

Hypnosis is as mentioned earlier is still being worked on as a scientific field of research, and therefore, the findings are only surface level. Yet, there are plenty of studies that suggest using this treatment to reduce and manage pain.  As per the meta-analysis of scientific journal articles published sometime between 2000-2010, hypnosis is proven to have reduced pain effectively. This phenomenon relates to a variety of conditions such as arthritis, cancer, and fibromyalgia.

Advantages of hypnotherapy

1. Hypnotherapy Can Help You Break Bad Habits.

Every one of us have a couple of negative behavior patterns that we might want to be free of, yet really conquering them can be hard. Hypnotherapy can help by tending to the basic intuitive messages that reason you to rehash undesirable practices. With hypnosis, your inner inclinations to proceed with a negative behavior pattern can be supplanted with positive messages that give you the mental quality and self discipline to improve a change for the. Hypnotherapy can be utilized to address a wide assortment of propensities like overspending, drinking excessively liquor, smoking and gorging. It can likewise put a conclusion to stalling practices that undermine your execution at work and your capacity to achieve errands in your own life.

2. Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Mental and Physical Health.

Since hypnotherapy can change mindsets, usually utilized as an elective intercession for mental wellbeing concerns (despite the fact that a specialist ought to dependably be counseled first before starting any complimentary treatment). Hypnosis can dispense with the unreasonable apprehensions that reason an assortment of fears from a dread of statures to a dread of heading to a dread of open talking. The relaxation advantages of hypnosis can be very useful for individuals with tension issue, and hypnotherapy can even enhance disposition to ease sentiments of sorrow. Specialists additionally prescribe hypnosis as a correlative mediation for over the top habitual turmoil.

3. Hypnotherapy Can Improve The Way You Think.

Our minds can be our most noticeably awful adversaries, as negative mindsets can be an inconvenience to everything that we do. Since hypnotherapy has the ability to follow up on the subliminal mind, it can change the manner in which you think to improve things. Hypnosis is a powerful method to build confidence, help fearlessness, increment your faith in yourself and decrease sentiments of stress. You can likewise utilize hypnosis to wind up more emphatic and inventive or to enhance your capacity to recollect and focus.

4. Hypnotherapy Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.

Everybody has objectives that they need to accomplish, however regularly our minds meddle with our capacity to succeed. Hypnotherapy can guarantee that you have the correct mindset to make your fantasies a reality. For understudies, hypnosis can enhance think about propensities and enhance execution on exams. Experts can utilize hypnosis to build their initiative capacities, enhance their efficiency and make themselves more responsive to chances to profit or advance their professions. Competitors can enhance their execution in preparing and rivalry by fortifying their minds with hypnosis, and hypnotherapy can likewise build inspiration and vitality levels amid exercises.

5. Hypnotherapy Can Improve Your Relationships.

Personal development with hypnotherapy can assist you with mending vexed and stressed connections. Hypnosis is a viable method to conquer identity attributes and practices that meddle with your capacity to interface with others and that reason strife with companions, family and sentimental accomplices. Through hypnotherapy, you can defeat outrage issues, desire and modesty and much recuperate from the torment of past connections that makes it difficult for you to trust and open up to an accomplice. The individuals who are searching for affection can utilize hypnosis to make themselves more alluring to forthcoming accomplices, and for those seeing someone, hypnosis is a demonstrated method to enhance sexual execution and address sexual issues like an absence of drive, impotency and untimely discharge.

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